Are you a feminist?

Men: If you were to get married would you be willing to change your last name too?

Women: How long has it been since you shaved your legs/ pussy?


If you said yes/ many months, then it’s lit.

Others: You probably are a feminist, thank you! Keep challenging others to think about it often.



#REalTAlk DC

So this is what you’ve been wondering all day. Which dating apps are the real deal? And boy do I have news for you. This is going to shatter your little bubble of confidence, but it will be worth it.

Tinder: Totally underrated for women! People are very forward and to the point. I’ve had the app for less than a week, and I’ve been asked to have a three-some and to have facetime sex. It’s a whole new world but I like the open communication style.


Bumble: Fuck that shit. People seem chill, but then they disappear with a lame excuse. Its basically  for fuckboys who seem cool but then are not. Like they think they’re feminist but fuck them.


Coffee Meets Bagel: I want to like it, but the graphics suck. Sad.


Images from Wiki ❤Tinder_screenshot

Freecycle and Framing

I have recently become absolutely obsessed with Freecycle. Ask anyone who I speak with on a regular basis- I literally cannot stop talking about it. I love all of the free things I have scored on the site, not least of which are some amazing  free art and frame finds. I love repurposing an old frame or finding a fun one at a consignment or thrift store. Have fun and frame creatively!