Pussy Love in every class <3

It would be lit!

Can you imagine your preschooler asking for consent before pushing her friend on the swings? Elementary-schoolers looking at the encyclopedia without asking why certain parts of the body are blacked out? Middle-schoolers getting all of their questions answered in health and science class instead of turning to Google after school?

Check it out and advocate for better health education in your school district.


Power to the Pussy


“Why is there lingerie in all of your art? ”

I addition to the fact that I love the way that lace prints on paper, I think that female underwear is often talked about in an un-empowering fashion. Many times, we are told to look a certain way for sex, as opposed to aspiring to feel comfortable in our clothes (and out of them). We would certainly feel sexier if we were more comfortable with our bodies and underwear. But there the angels at VS are, pushing us into push-up bras and scantier undies.

I, for one, have sacrificed all of my thongs to art. I have never found them to be anything but a piece of fabric up my ass. That said, they do make many women feel good, and it is time for us to reclaim them as about us, and for us.

So next time you ruin some underwear during that time of month and are looking for replacements, make sure you think about the style and cut that will make you feel (and look) sexy. If you are excited about the way you look in those panties, how will they be able to resist?



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Czech that out!

For One Baltimore School, 7 Killings in Just 15 Months

Of the killings, Ms. Williams said, “After the third time, it was like, ‘What’s going on? Why are so many people from our school getting murdered? Is someone going after Excel?’ But I think most of them were at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

For One Baltimore School, 7 Killings in Just 15 Months 

Baltimore Fires Another Police Commissioner, After Record High Murder Rate

In addition to crime and murder rates, Baltimore must contend with the effects of lead poisoning.