The Casualties of the War on Body Hair

Looking for a way to save $10,000? Have you considered not shaving? According to a survey by the American Laser Centers, over the course of her lifetime, the average woman will shave 7,718.4 times and spend $10,000 on related products.

Should we be reclaiming the razor as a symbol of female strength or abandoning shaving altogether? Who wants to look like a child down there anyway?

The Atlantic has quite a bit to say on the subject:

“Hair removal, at its core, is a form of gendered social control. It’s not a coincidence that the pressure for women to modify their body hair has risen in tandem with their liberties, Herzig argues. She writes that the effect of this hairlessness norm is to “produce feelings of inadequacy and vulnerability, the sense that women’s bodies are problematic the way they naturally are.”

And yet, if you ask many women why they voluntarily shave or wax, they might say that it’s a method of self-enhancement. That they want to, it’s a personal choice, and they just feel better when everything is smooth. Hair removal as self-care might be one of the biggest lies women have bought into. It keeps us in an impossible loop, one in which we are constantly in pursuit of velvety limbs and the moral virtue of cleanliness.”

Maybe so, but who is going to stop shaving and start the hairy revolution? Until hairy limbs are normalized and shaving companies cool their marketing, getting women to rethink this practice is going to be a though sell.

I will think more consciously about why I feel like shaving some days, and who I am really shaving for. Let’s start this thoughtful hairy revolution y’all.


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