Becky Qilavvaq- artist, throatsinger, cultural educator, and fashion designer

The Inuit are resilient. Not only do they face the cold, but their entire life style has changed as they have become less nomadic and more sedentary in recent years. Westernization has changed many surface level features of their culture, but Becky Qilavvaq remains convinced that her people will overcome the latest challenges, just as they have always done.

Becky notices an identity crisis in many Inuit youth that she meets, and she has worked on many projects to help reconnect them to their Inuit roots, while staying in the present. One of the tools that she uses is clothing, both allowing young adults to touch and try on the traditional clothes of their families, as well as designing contemporary clothing inspired by Inuit objects for her “Inuk and non-Inuk friends”.

Becky is an incredible ambassador and speaker. Her art gives many Inuk a way to show their pride, and spreads her culture to non-Inuk people. She believes that her people will move forward with the best of both worlds. Her leadership helps her people go forward while holding onto their traditions.

Becky Qilavvaq
Kakivak Leggings


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