New American Best Friend

Meet your new best friend- Olivia Gatwood (not Atwood y’all).

We were blown away by Olivia’s performance in Brunswick this week- and not only because she has a poem called Ode to the Word Pussy (which we love).

Olivia mentioned how she loves the sparseness of poetry, and how it gives added weight to the words that you choose.

She challenged the audience to try writing a poem about periods without using the word blood, so here is my best effort:

Ode to my Period.

by Sarah Steffen

Welcome beautiful red,

anticipated but always catching me off guard.

Connection toย generations of wise women,

before me and after me.

Learning the rhythm of my body,

my responses to stress and exercise.

Questioning the price of tampons,

growing into the Diva Cup.

Taking my breath away with your ruby red,

but fades to brown too soon.

Watching another month of my youth

swirl down the toilet.

Trading your monthly reassurance

for the reassurance of an IUD.

Wishing for the ritual,

that celebration of my body’s strength and ability.

Knowing that you will be back one day,

missing you as a friend who has been away too long.


See Olivia perform here.


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