Marcello Pastonesi: Dare2Dream

On the train from Milano to Padova today, we started talking to the Italian man sitting next to us after he forgot to plug in his headphones. We heard a brief clip of the video that he was working on blaring from his Mac, and as he apologized, we became intrigued by the film. It soon became apparent that he was a rather well known video journalist who had just had a story in Vogue. He has travelled all over the world, documenting what he observes as he goes. We watched his CV video, and asked about the different personalities and visas that he had worked with in various African countries. The story that he shares this time is one of hope and dreams.

Two Italian women are using fashion to inspire and empower young women in Nigeria. “The moment I arrived in Nigeria I felt its energy” says Bortolussi. “It’s a troubled country, but it is also a place where many people have talent and women are strong. I loved them. Loved their colorful clothes, loved their determination. They inspired me.”

We were inspired by the stories in Marcello’s videos, and we hope that you will be as well.


See Marcello’s work in Vogue here: Kinabuti • Dare2Dream

Photos from Marcello Pastonesi’s website. See more here.






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